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Chu, Chin, Chow (Frederic Norton, orch. Percy Fletcher) 31 August (2238 perfs) His Majesty's
The Bing Boys Are Here (Ayer/Braham/Novello) 19 April Alhambra
Blighty (Braham/Hoare) 7 September Oxford
Flying Colours (Pethers) – revue 16 September Hippodrome
Follow the Crowd (Berlin/Wimperis & Garick) 19 February Empire
Half-Past Eight (Rubens/Percy Greenbank, Wright) - Revue 1 May Comedy
The Happy Day (Rubens/Sidney Jones/Ross) 13 May (241 perfs) Daly's Theatre, London
High Jinks (Friml/Rubens/Talbot/Tate/Kern et al) 24 August Adelphi
Houp-la (Ayer, Talbot/Greenbank, Wright) 23 November St. Martin's
Look Who’s Here (Ayer) not the 1960 version   London Opera House
Mr Manhattan (Talbot, Tours, Braham/Bovill, Thompson) 20 March Prince of Wales
My Lady Frayle (Talbot, Finck/Wimperis) 1 March Shaftesbury
Pell-Mell (Ayer/Grey, Wright) 5 June (298 perfs) Ambassador
Razzle-Dazzle (Herman Darewski, Klein) - revue 19 June Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
See-Saw (Braham/Novello et al) - revue 14 December Comedy
Some (Tate/Harris, Valentine) - Revue 29 June Vaudeville
Theodore & Co (Rubens, Novello, Kern/Ross, Grey) 19 September Gaiety
This and That    
Three Cheers (Herman Darewski/Ross) - revue 22 December Shaftesbury
Toto (Archibald Joyce, Merlin Morgan/Anderson) 19 April Duke of York's
Vanity Fair (Finck, H Darewski/Kern/Brooks) - revue 6 November Palace
We’re All In It (Monckton/Finck/Spencer) revue 13 July Empire
Young England (Clutsam, Hubert Bath/Hood) 23 December Daly's