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A Revue devised by Albert de Courville, Wal Pink and Basil MacDonald Hastings; Music by Herman Darewski and Manuel Klein.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London - 19 June, 1916 (408 perfs)

The Cast included:

Jamieson Dodds *, George Formby Snr ±, Alec Fraser, Shaun Glenville, Shirley Kellogg, Harry Tate, Edie Veno

The Programme included:

  1. England, Remember!
  2. Scotland Forever
  3. You'll Always Be the Same Sweet Baby
  4. Maid of the Mist
  5. I Like You
  6. Did You Send Me Those Beautiful Flowers?
  7. There's Life in the Old Girl Yet
  8. Mrs Brown
  9. Two Little Bridesmaids
  10. The Pony Trot
  11. Ladder of Roses
  12. I'll Shoot My Way

* from 19 August
± from 26 June