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Game of Love Weinberger Music Theatre International  
Gaslight Girl Nick Hern Books Dramatic Publishing  
Garabonciás Glocken Verlag    
Gauguin/Savage Light   Samuel French  
Gay's The Word French Samuel French  
Geisha, The French Samuel French  
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes MusicScope Tams-Witmark  
George M! MusicScope Tams-Witmark  
Geppetto and Son, Disney's Weinberger Music Theatre International  
Getting to know …Cinderella Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Getting to know … Oklahoma! Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Getting to know … Once Upon a Matress Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Getting to know … State Fair Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Getting to know … The King and I Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Gift of the Magi, The   Dramatic Publishing  
Gigi MusicScope Tams-Witmark  
Ginger Nick Hern Books Dramatic Publishing  
Gingerbread Men, The Samuel French    
Gipsy Baron Weinberger    
Gipsy Love Glocken Verlag    
Gipsy Princess Weinberger    
The Girl in the Frame   Theatrical Rights Worldwide  
The Girl Friend Weinberger    
Giuditta Glocken Verlag    
Glamorous Nights French    
Glimpses of the Moon   Samuel French  
Glorious Ones, The   Music Theatre International  
Go-Go Beach   Theatrical Rights Worldwide  
Goblin Market not available    
God Bless You, Mr Rosewater   Samuel French  
Godspell Samuel French Samuel French  
The Golden Apple   Tams-Witmark  
Golden Boy Samuel French Samuel French  
The Golden Rainbow   Samuel French  
The Golden Years Boosey & Hawkes    
Goldilocks   Samuel French  
Goldilocks and the Christmas Bears   Dramatic Publishing  
The Gondoliers Warner-Chappell    
The Gondoliers or "Spaghetti Gondoliers" Warner Chappell    
The Good Companions Warner-Chappell    
Good News MusicScope Tams-Witmark  
The Goodbye Girl Weinberger Music Theatre International  
Good Morning, Athens   Dramatic Publishing  
Goodnight, Mr Tom Weinberger    
Goodnight Vienna French    
Der Göttergatte Glocken Verlag    
Gorilla Man   Samuel French  
Grab Me a Gondola French    
Grail, The      
The Grand Duchess Weinberger    
Grand Hotel Josef Weinberger Music Theatre International  
Grand Night For Singing, A Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Grand Tour, The French Samuel French  
Grass Harp, The Rodgers & Hammerstein Rodgers & Hammerstein  
Gratuitous Sex and Violence and Good Old Rock 'n' Roll Samuel French   NR
Grease Theatrical Rights Theatrical Rights Limited Release
Grease (Schools Version)   Theatrical Rights  
Great American Backstage Musical, The Samuel French Samuel French  
Great American Trailer Park Musical, The   Dramatist Play Services  
Great Expectations   Miracle Or 2 Productions  
Great Expectations Magical Musicals    
Great Waltz, The MusicScope    
Greenwillow Weinberger Music Theatre International  
Guess Again   Dramatic Publishing  
Gutenberg! the Musical   Samuel French  
Guys and Dolls Weinberger Music Theatre International
Gypsy MusicScope Tams-Witmark