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Vanity Fair

A Revue by Arthur Wimperis. Music: Herman Finck, Max Darewski, Shelton Brooks and Jerome Kern. Lyrics: Arthur Wimperis, Percy Greenbank, et al.

Palace Theatre, London - 6 November, 1916 (265 perfs)

The Cast included:

Helen Beltramo, Gwendoline Brogden, Regine Flory, Teddie Gerard, Nelson Keys, Stanley Logan, Moya Mannering, Arthur Playfair, Roy Royston

The Programme included;

  1. Piccadilly; Commissionaires' Chorus
  2. A Little Love, a Little Kiss
  3. Walkin' the Dog
  4. The Snotty
  5. The Rainbow Song
  6. Hello!
  7. Some Sort of Somebody
  8. The Tanko
  9. The Anzacs
  10. Sunlight and Shadow
  11. The Kirchner Girl
  12. Dashing Lady Vi
  13. Marche blanc
  14. The Tory and the Red
  15. Romance of the Dragon-fly
  16. The Middy
  17. The Rainbow Fairies

Musical Director: Herman Finck