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Airs & Graces (Monckton/Finck/Ross) 21 June Palace Theatre
Any Old Thing (Herman Darewski/Davy Burnaby) 8 December Pavilion
Arlette (Novello et al/Ross, Grey) 6 September Shaftesbury
The Beauty Spot (James Tate/Harris, Anderson) 22 December Gaiety Theatre
The Better 'Ole (Herman Darewski/James Hurd) 4 August (811 perfs) Oxford
The Bing Girls Are There (Ayer/Grey) 24 February Alhambra
The Boy (Monckton/Talbot/Ross/Percy Greenbank) 14 September Adelphi
Bubbly (Braham) - revue 5 May Comedy
Carminetta (Lassailly/Furber) 22 August Prince of Wales
Cash on Delivery (Hicks)    
Cheep (Various) - revue 26 April Vaudeville
Hanky Panky (Max Darewski/Arthurs) - Revue 24 March Empire
Here and There (Chappelle) - revue 29 November Empire
Maid of the Mountains (Fraser-Simson/Tate/Graham) 10 February (1352 perfs) rev 1972 Daly's
Pamela (Norton/Wimperis) 10 December Palace
Round the Map (Finck/McLellan) 19 July Alhambra
Smile (Chappelle/Haslem, Randell, et al) - revue 6 October Garrick
Suzette (Max Darewski/George Arthurs) 24 February Globe
Topsy Turvy (Herman Darewski/David, Burnaby, et al) - revue 20 August Empire
Yes, Uncle! (Ayer/Grey) 29 December Prince of Wales
Zig-Zag (Stamper/Buck) - revue 31 January Hippodrome