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FANTAISIE APACHE - Georges Campo THE CHARM OF PARIS - Lyric by Geoffrey Parsons; Music by Bruno Coquatrix and Berkeley Fase The Visitor : Jean Carson Her Beaux : Tony Hulley and Bobbie Tranter MAGIC STRINGS - Bob Bromley NOCTURNES PARISIENNES Words and Music by Jack Golden Peter Dimuantes introducing “The Night Spots of Paris” (a) Chansons Tziganes (Casanova) - Viki Emra and the Gipsy Violins (b) Bebop a la Francaise (St. Germain des près) (Lyric by Geoffrey Parsons; Music by Paul Misnaki) The Existentialists: Jean Carson, Nat Jackley and Les Bohémiens (c) Nuit de Gala (Les Ambassadeurs) presenting —The Sensation of Paris Darvas & Julia LES LEGIONNAIRES The Bugler: Edward Wood The Sergeant: Arthur Gomez The Corporal: Jeffrey Piddock The Recruits: Sammy Curtis, Dennis Murray and Nat Jackley CALYPSO—”IT’S SO NICE” Lyric by Leslie Julian Jones; Music by Leon Carr & Leo Conday Jean Carson and The Entire “ Latin Quarter “ Company