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LAUTREC Music & lyrics by Charles Aznavour: English Lyrics by Dee Shipman: Book by Shaun McKenna Shaftesbury Theatre, London - April 6, 2000. Closed 17 June, 2000 A bio- musical of the life, loves and times of Toulouse-Lautrec. According to Nicholas de Jongh reviewing the musical in the London Evening Standard he said of the show: "Lautrec ambles its way through the sex-life of the late 19th century painter. It treats truth as a very distant cousin indeed. Of the sexually transmitted disease that killed him there is no mention." The musical tells the story of the diminutive French impressionist painter, Henri Toulouse Lautrec, who captured the decadent spirit of Montmartre as the turn of the century approached and whose famous paintings include “At the Moulin Rouge”. The flamboyance of 1890s Parisian society provides the backdrop as Toulouse Lautrec meets and depicts aristocrats, prostitutes, dancers, circus performers and other artists ORIGINAL CAST - in order of appearance • Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - SEVAN STEPHAN • Adèle Toulouse-Lautrec - JILL MARTIN • Alphonse Toulouse-Lautrec - NIGEL WILLIAMS • Gabriel Tapie de Celeyran - MARTIN FISHER • Aristide Bruant - PETER GALLAGHER • Valentin-le-Desosse - DAVID LANGHAM • Cha-Kao - DANIELA ZOCCHI • Jane Avril - WENDY LEE TAYLOR • Footit - RICGARD GAUNTLETT • Jayrant - ALEXANDER DELAMERE • Suzanne Valadon - HANNAH WADDINGHAM • Madeleine Valadon - ROZ McCUTCHEON MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Thew Honour of the Family - Henri & Company 2. Can Can - Aristide, Valentin, Henri 3. The Child Inside the Man - Adele 4. Questions - Suzanne 5. The Honour of the Family (reprise) - Alphonse, Gabriel & Company 6. Painting - Henri 7. Let’s Drink - Henri & Company 8. Lov is a Pain - Aristide, Valentin, La Goulue, Jane Avril 9. When You Love Me - Henri, Suzanne 10. The Exhibition - Company 11. How Many Days? - Adele, Alphonse 12. Doing it - La Goulue & Company 13. Dance - Henri 14. Souvenirs of Second Best - The Whores 15. Me and You - Henri, Suzanne, La Goulue, Gabriel