Shows L

b) Mrs. A – Irlin Hall Pastor M – George Benson Mrs. A’s Son – Graham Payn The Maid – Hilary Allen And the Company 16. Nostalgia – The Company 17. Moonshine Boulevard Elsie Moon – Dora Bryan A Boy Tommy Linden A Messenger – Timothy Spencer 18. Thanks to Television Schoolboys: Myles Eason, Jeremy Hawk, Ian Carmichael 19. Youth of the Heart The Singer Graham Payn Dancers– Tommy Linden, Hilary Allen 20. Something for the Kiddies - by Arthur Macrae Compère – George Benson a. Roberta Huby, Myles Eason b. Irlin Hall, Jeremy Hawk, Ian Carmichael, Myles Eason c. Dora Bryan 21. Bar Aux Folies Bergère – Irlin Hall 22. French Cooking – George Benson 23. Lament in the Park Mildred – Dora Bryan Percy – Jeremy Hawk 24. Glutton for Punishment The Nurse – Pam Marmont Psychiatrist – Ian Carmichael The Patient – Joan Heal 25. Open House The Duke – George Benson Visitors – Roberta Huby, Dora Bryan, Irlin Hall, Jeremy Hawk, Tommy Linden The Duchess – Hilary Allen 26. Lucky Day The Gambler – Graham Payn 27. Sweet Belinda Belinda – Joan Heal A Gallant of St. James’ – Ian Carmichael Ladies – Irlin Hall, Pam Marmont Chairmen – Jeremy Hawk, Myles Eason 28. Home Again – Hilary Allen and the Company