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LATIN QUARTER, 1951 The Third Annual "Latin Quarter" Revue Revue devised by Robert Nesbitt. Musical Numbers staged by Hazel Gee; Décors designed by Brian Buchel, Edward Delany and Slade Lucas. Presented by Tom Arnold & Emile Littler. Musical Arrangements by Debroy Somers: Costumes designed by Anthony Holland, Slade Lucas, Ronald Cobb and Vivienne London Casino - 10th March, 1951 Cast Included: Nat Jackley, Jean Carson, Rolly Rolls, Halma & Konarski, Eileen O’Dare, Dick & Dot Remy, Bob Bromley, Georges Campo, Peter Dimuantes Viki Emra and The Artnof Monsieur Choppy. PROGRAMME: MARDI GRAS Words and Music by Jack Golden: “More Mamba” by Jack Fishman & Perez Prado (a) Prologue; Peter Dimuantes (b) Carnival at the Casa Casino: The Revellers: The Ensemble, Mdlle. Mambo: Jean Carson (c) Dark Brilliance: Viki Emra, Denise Merrum and Pamela Green CHI BIM BAM BOM; Lyrics by Glen Moore; Music by David Bee; Dialogue by Leslie Julian Jones Nat Jackley and the Brazilian Butterflies JET PROPULSION: Dick and Dot Remy WE’RE ALL THE SAME IN THE DARK: Words and Music by Leslie Julian Jones Jean Carson and the Models ATTENTION A LA PEINTURE The Artist : Monsieur Choppy: Compère : Jeffrey Piddock PIANOFORTISSIMO Rolly Rolls introducing “Boogie Ballet” with the Dancing Girls and Boys UNE AFFAIRE D’HONNEUR Scene: the Bois. Time: Dawn Mons. Le Directeur: Arthur Gomez; The Duellists: Jeffrey Piddock and Nat Jackley; Their Seconds : Peter Dimuantes and Eric Kilner; The Doctor : Sammy Curtis FAN-DANGO The Rhythm of Spain: Fan Tableaux designed by John & Daphne Lee and Ronald Cobb Jean Carson; The Caballeros: Tony Hulley, Ken Astell, Bobbie Tranter, Teddie Britten introducing Eileen O’Dare and Ensemble with Daphne Kiernander ENTR ‘ACTE AU BAL DES QUAT’Z ARTS—Paris 1860 - Words and Music by Phil Park The Singer: Peter Dimuantes Les Masques: The Ensemble Les Opérettes d’Offenbach ; The Models