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CAST Singing Principals • Hilaret. Mrs Squeezum. • Cloris. • Justice Squeezum. • Ramble. • Sotmore, his drunken friend. • Constant. Politic, Hilaret's father. • Dabble, his coffee- house friend. Straight Role • Justice Worthy, an honest man. Smaller Roles • Quill, Squeezum's clerk. • Staff, a constable. • Faithful, Politic's servant. • Brazencourt, an innkeeper. • A night-watchman. • A gallant. • A servant. • A serving wench. For the Chorus Unfortunately, only a few opportunities. The play was originally presented with a total company numbering fewer than a score, and producers who plan additional work to cater for larger companies must take great care that the delicate balance of the play is not disturbed. Needless to say, nothing that could possibly constitute an infringement of copyright can be permitted. Within these limits, and played in a right roistering spirit, this can be one of the great fun shows, and should certainly do wonderfully well at the box-office. SCENES AND SETTINGS A single composite setting is suggested which becomes in turn a street scene, Justice Squeezum's courtroom, Mrs Squeezum's boudoir, a tavern bar-room, Politic's parlour, Hilaret's bedroom, a prison cell, an upstairs room at the tavern, and Justice Worthy's courtroom MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. All’s Well — Staff 2. A proper man — Hilaret, Cloris 3. It must be true — Politic, Dabble 4. Red wine — Ramble, Sotmore 5. On the side — Squeezum 6. When Does the Ravishing Begin “ — Mrs. Squeezum 7. Lovely Lover — Hilaret, Constant 8. Lock up your daughters — Ramble, Constant, Sotmore 9. There’s a Plot Afoot —The Company 10. Mr. Jones — Squeezum 11. On a Sunny Sunday Morning — Hilaret, Squeezum 12. ‘Tis Plain to See — Hilaret, Ramble & Chorus 13. Kind Fate — Hilaret, Constant & Chorus 14. I’ll Be There — Mrs. Squeezum & the Company 15. Lock Up Your Daughters — Hilaret & The Company