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LONDON CALLING Revue by Noel Coward and Ronald Jeans; produced by André Charlot Duke of York's Theatre - 4 September, 1923 PROGRAMME Part 1: • Breaking it Gently • Great Expectations • Tamarisk Town • Devon • The Ministering Angel • Other Girls • Rain Before Seven • When My Ship Comes Home • The Old Lady Shows Her Muddle • Carrie Was A Careful Girl • Little Baggy Maggy. Part 2: • There's Life In The Old Girl Yet • Early Mourning • London Calling • Love's labour • You Were Meant For Me • The Swiss Family Whittlebot • Sentiment • Parisian Pierrot • An Atmospheric Drama; • What Love Menas • Follow A Star. MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Carrie – Gertrude Lawrence • Other Girls – Noël Coward and chorus • Parisian Pierrot – Gertrude Lawrence • Prenez Garde, Lisette – Maisie Gay • Russian Blues – Gertrude Lawrence and chorus • Sentiment (music by Braham) – Noël Coward • Tamarisk Town – Gertrude Lawrence • There’s Life In The Old Girl Yet – Maisie Gay and chorus • What Love Means to Girls Like Me – Maisie Gay • When My Ship Comes Home - Noël Coward • You Were Meant For Me (by Sissle & Blake) • When We Were Girls Together – Maisie Gay and chorus • Spanish Grandee – Teddie Gerard and chorus • Temperamental Honeymoon – Noël Coward and chorus • You Were Meant for Me” (Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle) –Noël Coward Gertrude Lawrence ORIGINAL CAST: Noël Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, Eileen Molyneux, Arthur Lowrie, Tubby Edlin, Maisie Gay, Billy Fry, Jill Williams, Tony Williams, Winifred Satchell, Sybil Wise, April Harmon, Childs Brothers (Leonard Childs, William Childs), Dolores Sisters, Betty Nicholas, Wyn Clare and Chorus.