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LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS Adapted from Henry Fielding's comedy Rape Upon Rape by Bernard Miles { Lyrics by Lionel Bart. Music by Laurie Johnson Produced at the Mermaid Theatre, London, 28th May - December, 1959 (338 perfs) SYNOPSIS Licentious London, 1735. The age of the coffee-house politician, the corrupt Justice, and the young gallant whose principal delight is the ravishing of virtuous maidens. Unversed in the wicked ways of the world young Hilaret sallies forth from the over-protective walls of Papa's house resolved to elope with her beloved Captain Constant. Separated from her maid, Cloris, during a street scuffle, she finds herself in a deuced dangerous situation with a distinctly virile young gentleman named Ramble. Her cries for assistance only lead her into further peril, for she and Ramble are both hauled on trumped-up charges before that rogue of rogues, Mr Justice Squeezum. Once in custody, Hilaret becomes the latest apple of the Justice's ever-wandering eye, while Ramble is "rescued" by the bountifully amorous Mrs Squeezum. That Constant, too, happens at that moment to be in jail is just one of the lucky circumstances that eventually resolve this rumbustious story. STORY The year is 1730, the place the City of London; a nightwatchman patrols the streets. Hilaret’s concern is that she is running away to get married, and like any other girl on her wedding night, has misgivings. Her maid, Cloris, reassures her. Mr. Politic, Hilaret’s father, is more concerned by reports from Europe and the Far East than by activity in his daughter’s bedroom, and this enthusiasm for newsprint he shares with Mr. Dabble. Ramble, a young sailor fresh from sea, reminisces about the girls he has known. His friend, Sotmore, can only remember pubs. Justice Squeezum, a less-than-honest judge has had the great misfortune of confiding in Mrs. Squeezum. Trust a thief or a lawyer with your purse, a physician with your constitution, hut never trust a secret with your wife. Mrs. Squeezum has her compensations hut is continually frustrated in the enjoyment of them. Captain Constant, Hilaret’s beau, is the only one with nothing to say for himself, In fact when the two meet they are entirely lost for words. Constant and Sotmore give fathers everywhere some advice about their friend Ramble. This is where the ravishing begins! Ramble attempts to ravish Hilaret, is arrested and brought before Justice Squeezum who in turn attempts to ravish Hilaret and commits Captain Constant to prison for attempting to ravish her maid, all whilst Mrs. Squeezum is fighting oft a ravishing attempt upstairs. Nobody gets hurt. Part of Hilaret’s plot is to meet Squeezum at a tavern. He arrives full of youthful expectation under an assumed name. Hilaret makes up a spicy little story and undresses as she tells it. If I’d known you — Sotmore At the supreme moment Sotmore arrives to find Hilaret in her underclothes in Squeezum’s arms. Squeezums’ goose is cooked. Sotmore’s admiration for the girl’s ingenuity is something new for him. Ramble, however, is always a trifle cynical about women and to him Hilaret is no exception. Squeezum is forced to release the innocent Captain Constant and the lovers arc re-united. Before Squeezum is committed to prison Mrs. Squeezum has some wifely wisdom for his ear. Everything works out well. Fathers everywhere have understood fully the implications of the story.