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Revue by Albert de Courville, Wal Pink and George Arnold. Music: Dave Stamper. Lyrics: Gene Buck. Additional songs by George M. Cohan. Arranged and Orchestrated by Julian Jones

London Hippodrome - 31 January, 1917 (648 perfs)

The Cast included:

Cicely Debenham, Shirley Kellogg, Daphne Pollard, George Robey, Marie Spink, Bertram Wallis

The Programme included:

  1. Will o' the Wisp
  2. In Grandma's Day
  3. When Autumn Leaves Are Falling
  4. Beware of Chu Chin Chow
  5. Bye and Bye You Will Miss Me
  6. Louana Lou
  7. Hello, My Dearie
  8. Somnambulistic Melody
  9. The Nightingale
  10. I'm a Ragtime Germ
  11. I Want Someone to Make a Fuss Over Me
  12. I Can LIve Without You
  13. I Said Yes, I Would
  14. Burglar Jim
  15. Over There (Cohan)
  16. Thumbs Up!
  17. She Spoke To Me First
  18. It Was a Deed That Spoke Louder Than Words
  19. Fishing
  20. Valse Song

Musical Director: Julian Jones