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A Revue devised by Harry Grattan

Vaudeville Theatre, London - 26 April, 1917 (483 perfs)

The Cast included:

Teddie Gerard, Guy Lefeuvre, Beatrice Lillie, Clay Smith, Lee White, Walter Williams

The Programme included:

  1. Where did that one go to?
  2. Spade Dance
  3. Don't Blame Me
  4. Goodbye, Madame Fashion
  5. At the Calico Ball
  6. If It's In John Bull
  7. I shall see you tonight
  8. Somebody's coming to tea
  9. My Lily of Killarney
  10. When I'm With Her Again
  11. Where the Black-Eyed Susans Grow (Whiting-Radford)
  12. Yaketa
  13. Take me back to the land of promise
  14. Julia
  15. Shoot the rabbit
  16. Our Navy
  17. You're the Catch of the Season
  18. It Depends Upon the Time

Musical Director: Albert Ketèlby