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THESE FOOLISH THINGS Revue by George Black Assisted by Charles Henry. Devised by George Black. Book by George Black, Bert Lee and Harris Weston. Music and Lyrics: Herb Magidson, Allie Wrubel, Nat Mills, Fred Malcolm, Vincent Rose, Larry Stock, James Cavanaugh, et al. MD: Clifford Greenwood London Palladium - 29 September 1938 Principal Cast: Chesney Allen, Frances Day, Bud Flanagan, Naughton and Gold, Nervo Knox. MUSICAL NUMBERS Home for the Holidays Sun-kissed Peaches Andante from Ballet Love Makes the World Go Round We've just come from Poonah When You Dream About Hawaii Gavotte from Ballet Music, maestro, please The umbrella man (Rose-Stock-Cavanaugh) Nice people (Mills-Malcolm) PROGRAMME Scene 1. A RAILWAY STATION A Film Star - Eileen Bell The College Boys – Nervo & Knox, Flanagan & Allen and Naughton & Gold Scene 2. FURS Compère Chesney Allen Two Trappers – Bud Flanagan and Charlie Naughton Scene 3. A SPOT OF JUGGLING Bob Dupont Scene 4. A GRECIAN IDYLL The Piper – Fanica Luca The Dancers - The Stuart Morgan Dancers featuring Lita D’Oray Scene 5. A SCENE SEEN ON THE SCREEN Two Music Hall Artistes - Flanagan & Allen “The Umbrella Man” (Words by James Cavanagh; music by Vincent Rose & Larry Stack) Scene 6. WEDDING SONGS Sung by Eileen Bell, Gerry Fitzgerald, Jennie Gregson, Nervo & Knox, Flanagan & Allen and Naughton & Gold Scene 7. A PICTURE IN PORCELAIN The Singer - GERRY FITZGERALD “Love Makes the World Go Round” (Lyrics and Music by Noel Gay) INTERMISSION Selection – Palladium Memories selected and arranged by Clifford Greenwood and Harry Stafford The Palladium Orchestra under the direction of Clifford Greenwood