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Scene 8. SPORTS The Cyclists - J. Sherman Fisher Girls with Marie Wilson The Duellists – The De Tuscans. The Badminton Players – Ken Davidson and Hugh Forgie Scene 9. A TRAGEDY IN HARLEY STREET The Doctor - Teddie Knox The Butler - Jimmie Gold The Wife - Eileen Bell The Lover – Jimmy Nervo The Producer - Syd Railton Scene 10. HAWAII A Beach Comber – Gerry FitzgeraldI The Dancer – Princess Kuulei Hawaiian Waltz - The Stuart Morgan Dancers “When I Dream About Hawaii” (Kalmar, Silvers and Ruby) Scene 11. MUSIC HATH CHARMS? Thomas Manley and Florence Austin Scene 12. CLEANING UP The Cleaners - Nervo & Knox, Flanagan & Allen, Naughton & Gold Scene 13. SUNBATHING The Sunbathers - Nervo & Knox, Flanagan & Allen, Naughton & Gold The Woman Upstairs - Jennie Gregson The Man Upstairs – Syd Railton The Lady Opposite - Eileen Bell “Sun Kissed Peaches” - (Best Lee and Harris Weston) Scene 14. IMPRESSIONS Sue Ryan, American Comedienne Scene 15. REFLECTIONS The J. Sherman Fisher Girls, Marie Wilson, Bob Dupont, Fanica Luca, Princess Kuulei, Gerry Fitzgerald, The De Tuscans, Manley & Austin, Ken Davidson, Hugh Forgie & Joe Tobin, Sue Ryan, Stuart Morgan Dancers, Nervo & Knox, Flanagan & Allen, Naughton & Gold