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(d) Les Trollops de Monte Carlo - THE CRAZY GANG (e) In the Money - The Company 10. MORE EXERCISE (Decor by Dennis Wreford) (Tiller Costumes by Spectator Sports Ltd.) The Keep Fit Girl - JEAN WYNSER The Gymnasts - The John Tiller Girls 11. MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Act V, Scene 1) (Directed by Dennis Carey) - THE CRAZY GANG 12. RAIN - THE RADIO REVELLERS 13. THE PORCELAIN OF DELFT (Decor by Dennis Wreford) (Costumes by Josephine Clinch) Figurines - The Showladies Skaters - The Dance Group Dancing Dolls - The John Tiller Girls (Routines by Barbara Aitken) 14. BACK AGAIN - 'Monsewer' EDDIE GRAY 15. BUD FLANAGAN'S SCRAP BOOK The Hyltonian Repertory Company present THE LEGEND OF WYATT TWERP - THE CRAZY GANG 16. CHECK AND MATE (a) Fast Movers - The Dance Group (b) All on the Board - THE ENTIRE COMPANY