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TWO BOUQUETS An Operetta in 3 Acts. Book and lyrics by Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon. (Music by approximately 20 uncredited Victorian composers.) Staged by Marc Connelly. Music directed by Macklin Morrow. Settings by Robert Barnhart. Consultant on Victorian décor, Allen Saalburg. Costumes by Raoul Pene du Bois. Dances staged by Leslie French. Associate producer, Béla Blau. Produced by Marc Connelly. Ambassadors Theatre, London - August 1936 (9 months). Revived 1952 (200 perfs) Windsor Theatre - 31st May, 1938: closed 16th July, 1938 (55 perfs). SYNOPSIS The story is one of lovers whose lives are complicated when flowers are delivered to the wrong recipients. Kate Gill and her cousin, Laura, nearly lose their lovers as a result of a mix-up. The fault lies with Kate’s brother, Edward, a deplorable rake who becomes regrettably tipsy and mixes up the two bouquets entrusted to him by his friends, Julian and Albert. After much misunderstanding, all ends happily. MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 Fly Forth, O Gentle Dove (I Sent a Letter to My Love) (Music by M. Pinsuti.) - Kate Gill Fly Forth, O Gentle Dove (reprise) - Kate Gill The Course of Nature - Mr Gill, Albert Porter, Laura Rivers A Little Champagne for Papa - Edward Gill, Kate Gill, Laura Rivers A Health to Dear Mama - Mr Gill, Kate Gill, Laura Rivers, Edward Gill Varsovienne - Ensemble The Bashful Lover (Music by C. Moulton.) - Albert Porter Ah, How Capricious - Julian Bromley The White and the Pink - Edward Gill The Man You Love - Laura Rivers, Kate Gill Dearest Miss Flo - Edward Gill, Flora Grantley Dearest Miss Flo - Edward Gill, Bella Manchester She Loves Thee - Laura Rivers Polka - Principals, Ensemble Galop - Principals, Ensemble Recitative - Mrs Gill Finale Act I - Principals, Ensemble ACT 2 Juanita - Kate Gill, Laura Rivers, Ensemble Sweet Blossoms (Music by M. Pinsuti.) - Laura Rivers, Kate Gill