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Young Girls and Young Men - Mrs Gill The Youth Who Sows - Edward Gill, Laura Rivers Kissing (recitative) - Albert Porter I'll Tell Papa - Kate Gill, Laura Rivers Git on de Boat, Chillun - Patty Moss, George, Men She Did the Fandango - George, Patty Moss, Men I Wish I Was in Texas - Mr Gill Pretty Patty Moss - Patty Moss Yes or No - Albert Porter, Julian Bromley, Mr Gill, Kate Gill, Laura Rivers, Patty Moss, George, Men Dearest Miss Bell - Edward Gill Finale Act II - Principals, Men ACT 3 Oh, the Regatta - Ensemble Toddy's the Drink for Me (Music from an Old Irish Folk Song.) - George Oh, the Regatta (reprise) - Ensemble When I Was But a Bounding Boy - Mr Gill Against the Stream - Albert Porter, Julian Bromley How Can We Bring the Old Folk Round - Albert Porter, Edward Gill, Patty Moss, Julian Bromley Rain Chorus - Ensemble What Can I Do? - Julian Bromley, Albert Porter, Kate Gill, Laura Rivers Her Lily-White Hand - Julian Bromley, Albert Porter, Mr Gill Finale —The Fireworks - Principals, Ensemble CAST (principals) • Kate Gill • Laura Rivers (her cousin) • Mrs Gill • Mr Gill • Edward Gill • Amelia - a parlourmaid • James - a butler • Albert Porter - in love with Laura • Julian Bromley - in love with Kate • Lavinia Waters - a funny girl • Flora Grantley - a silly girl • Bella Manchester - a fast girl • Patty Moss - an actress secretley married to Edward • George - an actor • Guests, Thespains, Regateers SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: The Conservatory at Mr. Mrs. Gill's in Twickenham. A June evening. Act 2: The Gardens of the Gill house. Late that night. Act 3: The River Bank at Twickenham. The following day.