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Finally, she wishes for Ja’far’s every happiness. News arrives of the Sultan’s death and a final declaration he had signed before dying naming the Princess the new Sultan. Achmed’s troops arrive in the throne room and the Princess offers to buy the entirety of Pik-Zahr with Ali Baba’s treasure, which was discovered during the battle. Trapped in the lamp forever, Ja’far resigns himself to his fate when he is suddenly greeted by Scheherazade, reincarnated as a result of the Princess’ last wish. Ja’far asks how their story ends, to which Scheherazade replies that it doesn’t, and they kiss (“Finale / A Thousand And One Nights Reprise”). CAST • Ja’far • Princess • Aladdin • Achmed • Sultan • Djinn • Captain • Sherrezade • Monkey • Bird • Sea Witch Ensemble MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I • Dream a Little Harder – Ja’far and Ensemble • I Steal Everything – Aladdin and Ensemble • Everything and More – Princess • Sands of Time – Ja’far • The Golden Rule – Ja’far and Ensemble • The Golden Rule (Evil Reprise) – Vizier and Ensemble • A Thousand and One Nights - Sherrezade and Ja’far • If I Believed – Ja’far • Orphaned at Thirty-Three – Aladdin • Happy Ending – Ja’far, Aladdin, and Princess Act II • No One Remembers Achmed – Prince Achmed and Ensemble • Take off Your Clothes – Aladdin and Princess • Twisted - Ja’far and Ensemble • The Power in Me - Princess and Ja’far • Finale (A Thousand and One Nights Reprise) - Company