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TABOO A Musical in 2 Acts. Music by BOY GEORGE; Book by MARK DAVIES. Music co-written by KEVAN FROST, RICHIE STEVENS and JOHN THEMIS Director: Christopher Renshaw, Decor: Tim Goodchild, Costumes: Mike Nicholls, Lighting: Chris Ellis, Sound: Jem Kitchen, Choreography: Les Child, Musical Arrangements: Kevan Frost, Musical Director: James McKeon, Fights: Gordon Alexander, Assistant director: Benjamin Till THE VENUE, London - 29 January, 2002. Closed 12 April, 2002 SYNOPSIS The action is set in the flamboyant London club scene. It was a world of narcissism and camp bitchery, strongly influenced by what pop stars such as David Bowie had been doing 10 years earlier. Against the gay and decadent background of clubbers we have a traditional boy-meets-girl story. The freshfaced hero Billy abandons dreary Bromley, determined to become a "face" on the London scene. He falls for Kim who, beneath her "goth" warpaint turns out to be a devastatingly pretty, touchingly vulnerable virgin. True love, however, doesn't run smoothly! Original Cast Paul Baker - Philip Salton Luke Evans - Billy Mark White Derek/Petal Gemma Craven - Josie Dianne Pilkington - Kim Euan Morton - George Drew Jaymson - Steve Strange Gail Mackinnon - Big Sue Matt Lucas - Leigh Bowery Mark McGee - Marilyn Michele Hooper - Janey Hannah Jane Fox - Virus Lucy Harris - Selfridges shop assistant Andy Morton - Policeman Joe Docherty - Jake Decían Bennett - Guru Dazzle Zee Asher - Bar Person MUSICAL NUMBERS Ode to Attention Seekers - Philip Sallon and Freaks Safe In the City - Billy Freak - Philip Sallon and Freaks Stranger In This World - Boy George Genocide Peroxide - Marilyn I'll Have You All - Leigh Bowery, Billy and Philip Love Is a Question Mark - Billy and Kim Shelter - Petal and Tarts Pretty Lies - Kim Guttersnipe - George and Marilyn Talk Amongst Yourselves - Josie Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Boy George Touched By the Hand of Cool - Leigh, Billy and Slaves Everything Taboo - Leigh and Full Company Petrified - Philip Sallon I See Through You – Billy Independent Woman - Josie, Kim and Philip Ich bin kunst - Leigh Bowery Out of Fashion - Steve Strange Il Adore - Big Sue Pie In the Sky - Boy George