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2035 Music, Lyrics and Book by Ronnie Bond and John Dominic THE STORY 2035 is pacy, hilarious and with a very gentle social message. The characters, even the villains, are likeable and the songs strong, relevant and highly memorable. By the year 1999, Rock Music and its heroes had become more credible than the Politicians. The Politicians eliminated the problem by outlawing anything but state songs and by imposing limitations on personal freedom, sexual activity and the individual. This rather austere society is overseen by a slightly Cowardesque computer called Civicom. The show opens at the dawn of the New Year, in the midst of state celebrations, mainly by the young and the State Police. Meanwhile, underground, the older generation are plotting a somewhat different party. The commemoration in January 2035 of the centennial of the birth of Elvis Presley. This generation role-reversal manifests itself in the exposing of these illegal activities by the kids and subsequent imprisonment of the errant oldies. Characters develop on both sides and after a long and complicated trial the oldies are liberated, the youngsters see the light, and life is restored to the world of fun, frolics and rock and roll we know and love. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS (plus Chorus) Civicom Achilles Medusa Aphrodite Eriathanius Eagle Sparra Rigger PRINCIPAL MUSICAL NUMBERS Problem Parents (Achilles, Medusa) Sign of The Times (Luthier) Shine On (Sparra) Falling In Love (Aphrodite) Status Quo (Civicom) Never Had Time To Know Him (Aphrodite) INSTRUMENTATION Details available on request to the Right's Holder.