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By Arrangement with Messrs Gatti Andre Charlot presents TABS A Revue in Two Acts by Harry Grattan. Music: Ivor Novello. Lyrics: Ronald Jeans. Additional songs by Guy Lefeuvre, Muriel Lillie, Ivor Novello, Pat Thayer and Walter Donaldson. Vaudeville Theatre, London - 15 May 1918 (268 perfs) The CAST: Beatrice Lillie, Alfred Austin, Guy Le Feuvre, Walter Williams, Albert Wallace, Dan O’Neill, Ralph Lynn, Ethel Baird (By permission of Sir Alfred Butt), Margaret Campbell, Doris Barrington, Tiny Grattan, Odette Myrtil The PROGRAMME: ACT I Scene I The “Hiawathians” - Entire Company “Mr Pau-Puk-Kewis” (Lyric by Ronald Jeans Music by Ivor Novello) Walter Williams Scene II “Feed the Brute” - By Ronald Jeans and Ivor Novello Doris Barrington Scene III “A matter of Time” Jack - Walter Williams Jimmy - Guy Le Feuvre Ethel - Ethel Baird Scene IV “Naughty Old Gentleman” (Lyric by Don Parsons, Music by Pat Thayer) The Naughty Old Man - Alfred Austin Scene V “God Gave Me You”: (Lyric by Ronald Jeans, Music by Guy Le Feuvre) The Naval Officer - Guy Le Feuvre The Child - Vera Lennox The Wife - Violet Leicester Scene VI - A Tea Party The Hostess - Doris Barrington The Guest - Margaret Campbell The Maid - Beatrice Lillie Henry Leek (Greengrocer) - Alfred Austin William Hackett (Butcher) - Ralph Lynn Lady Marsh-Mallow - Tiny Grattan