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• Upper Promenade (A) Deck: First Class Promenade, First Class Reading and Writing Room, First Class Smoke Room Promenade (B) Deck: First Class Promenade Upper (C) Deck: Second Class Promenade Saloon (D) Deck: First Class Dining Saloon; Second Class Promenade Main (E) Deck: Second Class Cabins Middle (F) Deck: Third Class Dining Saloon; Third Class Promenade Lower (G) Deck: Third Class (Steerage) Dormitories Orlop (H) Deck: Boiler Room #6 MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 • Prologue: In Every Age - Thomas Andrews • The Launching: How Did They Build Titanic? - Frederick Barrett • There She Is - Frederick Barrett, Harold Bride, Frederick Fleet • Loading Inventory - Captain Smith, Stevedores, Ship's Personnel • The Largest Moving Object - J. Bruce Ismay, Captain Smith, Thomas Andrews • I Must Get On That Ship - Herbert J. Pitman, Second and Third Class Passengers • The First Class Roster - Herbert J. Pitman, Alice Beane • Godspeed Titanic - The Company • Barrett's Song - Frederick Barrett • What a Remarkable Age This Is! - Henry Etches, Staff and First Class Diners • To Be a Captain - William Murdoch • Lady's Maid - Kate McGowan, Kate Murphey, Kate Mullins, Steerage • The Proposal - Frederick Barrett • The Night Was Alive - Harold Bride • Hymn - The Company • Doing the Latest Rag - Joseph Bell, Robert Hitchens, Joseph Boxhall, Company • I Have Danced - Alice Beane, Edgar Beane • No Moon - Frederick Fleet, Company • Autumn - Joseph Bell ACT 2 • Wake up, Wake up! - Henry Etches, Stewards, Company • Dressed in Your Pajamas in the Grand Salon The Company • The Staircase - Jim Farrell, Kate McGowan, Kate Murphey, Kate Mullins • The Blame - J. Bruce Ismay, Thomas Andrews, Captain Smith • Getting in the Lifeboat - John B. Thayer, Marion Thayer • I Must Get on That Ship (reprise) - William Murdoch, Charles Lightoller, Henry Etches, Bellboy, Passengers • Lady's Maid (reprise) - Jim Farrell • Canons - Company • The Proposal (reprise) - Frederick Barrett • The Night Was Alive (reprise) - Harold Bride • We'll Meet Tomorrow - Charles Clarke • Still - Isidor Straus, Ida Straus • To Be a Captain (reprise) - Henry Etches • Mr. Andrews' Vision - Thomas Andrews • In Every Age (reprise) - The Company • Finale - The Company DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast Recording - RCA Victor 09026-68834-2