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CAST: Officers and Crew of the R.M.S. Titanic Passengers aboard R.M.S. Titanic: First Class: Second Class: Captain E. J. Smith First Officer William Murdoch Second Officer Charles Lightoller Third Officer William Pitman Frederick Barrett, Stoker Harold Bride, Radioman Henry Etches, First Class Steward Frederick Fleet, Lookout Quartermaster Robert Hichens Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhal Chief Engineer Joseph Bell Wallace Hartley, Orchestra Leader Bandsman Bricoux Bandsman Taylor Stewardess Robinson Stewardess Hutchinson Bellboy Bruce Ismay Thomas Andrews Isidor Straus Ida Straus J. J. Astor Madeline Astor Benjamin Guggenheim Mme. Aubert John B. Thayer Marion Thayer George Widener Eleanor Widener Charlotte Cardoza J. H. Rogers The Major Edith Corse Evans Charles Clarke Caroline Nevlle Edgar Beane Alice Beane Third Class: Kate McGovern Kate Murphey Kate Mullins Jim Farrell Scenes and settings: SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place between 10-15 April 1912. All characters and events are based on fact. Prologue: Harland & Wolff, Shipbuilders, Aberdeen, Scotland. Act 1 • Scene 1: Southampton: The Ocean Dock. • Scene 2: Aboard the R.M.S. Titanic. The stern. • Scene 3: The Dock. • Scene 4: The Bridge and Boiler Room #6. • Scene 5: The Saloon ("D") Deck. • Scene 6: The First Class Dining Saloon. • Scene 7: The Bridge. • Scene 8: The Middle ("F") Deck. The Third Class Commissary. • Scene 9: The Bridge. • Scene 10: The Radio Room. • Scene 11: The Boat Deck: First Class Promenade. • Scene 12: "A" Deck. • Scene 13: The Bridge: then The Promenade ("B") Deck, The Saloon ("D") Deck, The Middle ("F") Deck; The First Class Smoke Room and The Crow's Nest. Act 2 • Scene 1: First, Second, Third Class Corridors, and The Bridge. • Scene 2: The First Class Grand Salon. • Scene 3: ("E") Deck: A Stairwell. • Scene 4: The Boat Deck. • Scene 5: The Radio Room. • Scene 6: At the Lifeboats. • Scene 7: Portholes. • Scene 8: The Upper Promenade ("A") Deck. • Scene 9: The First Class Smoke Room. • Scene 10: The Aftermath. The Decks: Boat Deck: The Bridge, the Radio Room, the Life Boats