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TOAD OF TOAD HALL Musical Play - A.A. Milne. Music by H. Fraser-Simpson Lyric Theatre, London - 17 December, 1929 A dramatisation of Kenneth Graham's Wind in the Willows, with the kindly Rat, wise Badger, gentle Mole and conceited, foolish Toad, who is always in trouble. His addiction firstly to caravanning and then cars, his subsequent imprisonment and the fight with the weasels and stoats are all included. STORY Our story opens of a beautiful summer day when Rat and Mole decide to go and see Toad, who is proudly driving his new bright yellow caravan with scarlet wheels along the riverbank. Along comes a speeding car, upsetting the caravan and immediately Toad has a new interest - he wants to buy a sports model automobile and go roaring along the highways and by-ways upsetting everyone else. Being a wealthy Toad, he is only too successful. He smashes up many cars and the inevitable happens - he comes up before the judge and is sent to gaol. But the irrepressible Toad escapes disguised as a washerwoman, and sets out to reclaim his huge home, Toad Hall, in which he previously lived in splendour. However, the Stoats and Weasels have taken over in his absence, and Toad and his friends have a battle royal before they are able to dislodge them. Hence the triumphant song, “A-Walloping We Will Go”. CAST: Marigold Nurse Mole Water Rat Mr. Badger Toad Alfred The Back Legs of Alfred Chief Weasel Chief Ferret Chief Stoat First Field Mouse Second Field Mouse Policeman Usher Judge Phoebe Washerwoman Mama Rabbit Lucy Rabbit Harold Rabbit Barge Woman Barge Horse Ferrets, Weasels, Stoats & Squirrels MUSICAL NUMBERS Wind in the Willows • Up Tails All • Toad’s Song • Mole’s Song • Judge’s Song • Toad’s Song • A-Walloping We Will Go • Toad’s Song (Reprise) • Wind in the Willows (Reprise) SETTING: Six interior, four interior Band parts on hire.