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PAGANINI Music by Franz Lehár, adaptation by A. P. Herbert and Harry Dexter. New Professional Version by David Kram and Dennis Olsen SYNOPSIS The first Lehár operetta written for Richard Tauber's voice, and thus the beginning of a unique composer/artist partnership that produced six of Lehár's finest works. Set in Italy in 1806, the story tells of the legendary violinist's romance with the sister of Napoleon. Yet another wonderful Lehár score, including the delightful "Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss". Plenty of chorus work, and many small parts, both male and female. STORY Act I Paganini, accompanied by his impresario, Bartucci, visits the small Principality of Lucca, whereupon the townspeople are given a chance to hear his diabolically tempting violin playing. The opinions of the villagers are divided regarding this "musical sorcerer" on the violin. The women are all hypnotised by his playing. The men, however, are quite sceptical, wishing he'd go to the devil. The exalted town mayor, Pimpinelli, orders a meal for the Hunting Society and her royal highness, Anna, in the village tavern. Pimpinelli turns up his nose at the thought of the Princess having chosen an ordinary public house to dine. Napoleon's sister, who can afford anything she desires, hears Paganini's playing from a distance and is immediately enraptured. Paganini appears, graciously throwing coins to the townspeople and praising his native country. The Princess, who was first intoxicated by Paganini's violin playing is now captured by the artist's charm. No sooner as the way seems clear for Paganini, Impresario Bartucci excitedly proclaims that the Prince has issued orders forbidding Paganini's Lucca concert. Paganini is so vexed by this irrational decision that he begins packing his suitcase. Pimpinelli encounters the beautiful Bella Giretti, prima donna of the Royal Opera House. She is currently the Prince's mistress but she is always ready to flirt with a suitable admirer. A second meeting between Anna Elisa and Paganini is interrupted by several passers-by. Prince Felice arrives with his huntsmen but an argument develops between the royal couple over Paganini's cancelled concert. The sly Anna Elisa threaten to announce publicly the affair between the Prince and Bella if he refuses to allow Paganini's concert to go ahead. The Prince is left with no other choice than to lift the ban. Act II In the ensuing six months, Paganini has been appointed court conductor and musical director of Lucca's opera. The artists have got together to play a card game call chances. Overcome by his passion for playing cards, Paganini gambles away his priceless Stradivarius. The winner, Pimpinelli, promises to return to him the violin if Paganini will confide his secret to conquering women. When given the advice Pimpinelli becomes ambitious in hoping to reach his goals with this successful recipe. Meanwhile Paganini has compose a love song for his sweetheart, Anna Elisa. No woman is safe in Pimpinelli's presence and he yet again tries his luck with the lovely Bella - but without success. The court gossip flowers - rumours concerning the Princess' affair have even spread a far as Paris. Her brother Napoleon is enraged and dispatches Graf Hedouville to Lucca with the king's orders: Paganini is to leave