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town immediately! In a rage the Princess demands that these orders are nullified - she refuses to be separated from her lover. In spite of his indisputable love for Anna Elisa, Paganini still has eyes for other women, for example, Bella. Unsuspectingly he succumbs to her charms and dedicates to her the love song originally composed for Anna Elisa. Bella triumphs! As the Princess is about to command the prima donna to leave the court, Bella shows her Paganini's love song. Anna Elisa swears vengeance and orders Graf Hedouville to place Paganini under arrest - during the concert - which is just beginning. The entire court is full of suspense and surround Pimpinelli, thinking he can shed a little light on what is going on. Paganini is warned by Bella but ignores her words. He begins playing with such a passion that Anna Elisa forgets her anger and falls in love again. She pledges her love to him before the entire court and leaves the hall with him. Act III The setting is the smuggler's tavern - The Rust Hobnail - where the smugglers gamble and drink their time and money away. A knock at the door is heard: Pimpinelli and Bella ask for lodging for the night. At the same time, another unexpected guest appears - Paganini! He is to be smuggled across the border by the gang at midnight. Suddenly, the impresario Bartucci appears. Paganini reassures him that his one and only love is his violin. He remains steadfast as Bella again tries to delude him. If she can't win her famous violinist, she'll have to settle for Pimpinelli - better the Mayor than no man at all! The Princess, disguised as a street singer, has followed Paganini. She starts a frivolous song but Paganini immediately recognises her voice. He takes his leave of her, however, assuring her that "No other woman stand between us, but I must, nevertheless, go alone because I must remain alone." MUSICAL NUMBERS Musical Numbers (original version) 1. Violin Solo 2. Mein liber Freund, ich halte viel auf Etikette - Anna Elisa, chorus 3. Schönes Italien, erst gedenk ich dien … - Paganini 4. So jung noch, und schon ein großer Meister - Anna Elisa, Paganini 5. Feuersglut lodert heiß in meinem Blut - Anna Elisa 6. Niemals habe ich mich inteeressiert - Pimpinelli, Bella 7. Finale Act 1 8. Introduction - Wenn keine Liebe wär' - Bella 9. Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküßt - Paganini 10. Deinem süßen Rosenmund - Paganini 11. Launisch sind alle Frau'n, alle Frau'n - Bella, Pimpinelli 12. Sag' mir, wieviel süße, rote Lippen - Anna Elisa, Paganini 13. Ich kann es mich fassen, nicht glauben - Anna Elisa 14. Finale Act II 15. Liegen um Mitternacht - Chorus 16. Hat man den Kopf von Sorgen voll - Beppo, Chorus 17. Melodram und Reminiszenz - Paganini 18. Jetz beginnt ein neues Leben - Pimpinelli, Bella 19. Wo meine Wiege stand - Anna Elisa 20. Finaletto - Anna Elisa, Paganini