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• MATTHEW GALBRAITH PERRY - A Commodore in the US Navy whose landing at Kanagawa on 14 July 1853 ends Japan's historic separation from the modern world. • THE SHOGUN'S MOTHER - Just as the Shogun had his own father strangled, so his mother, impatient at his indecision towards the Americans, eventually moves against him. Like the other female parts in the play, she is played by a man. • TAMATE - Wife to Kayama • PHYSICIAN - Member of the Shogun's Court 2nd & 3rd Councillors To The Shogun, 2 Observers, 1st &; 2nd Officers of the USS Powhatan, Soothsayer, Companion, Wife, Priests, Madam &; 4 Geishas, Old Man, Boy, An Admiral apiece from the American, British, Dutch, Russian &; French Navies, 2 Lords of the South, 3 British Sailors, 4 Assassins, A Fisherman, A Merchant & His Family, A Thief, A Warrior, The Emperor's Court, A Storyteller, A Fencing Master & His Daughter, Sumo Wrestlers, Palanquin Bearers, Samurai, Townspeople, Rickshaw Pullers, Contemporary Japanese Men & Women & American Sailors ORCHESTRATION DETAILS • Reed I - Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Soprano Recorder • Reed II - Flute, Clarinet, Eb Clarinet • Reed III - Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet • Reed IV - Bassoon • 2 Horns • 2 Trumpets • Trombone • Harp • Electronic Piano db. Celesta • Shamisen • Percussion • Strings DISCOGRAPHY Pacific Overtures (Original London Cast, Complete Recording) ENO