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Stupie: Max: Moe: Becky: The Nursa: Lucille: The Moving Man: Jack Smith: • Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl, or It's Better With a Union Man (added November 1939) - (Sketch by Joseph Schrank. Music and Lyrics by Harold J. Rome. Dance by Katherine Dunham.) • The Singing Waiter: Bertha: Ted Trueblue: Harold Hotfoot: Ensemble: • We Sing America (added November 1939) Entire Company • What This Party Needs (added 2 November 1939) - (Sketch by Joseph Schrank. Music by Harold J. Rome. Lyrics by Harold J. Rome and Arthur Kramer.) • Bill: Mack: First Graybeard: Second Greybeard: Third Greybeard: Scene 2 • Why Sing of Skies Above? (Sing Me a Song of Social Significance) - Boys: Girls: Scene 3 • Mussolini Handicap (by Arthur Arent) • Mussolini: Four Prize Winners: Scene 4 • Public Enemy No. I Scene 5 • The General Is Unveiled (Staged by Benjamin Zemach. Ballet Music by Harold Rome.) • General: Speaker: Secretary: Invited Guests: • The Women's Auxiliary assembles to unveil the statue of a famous general on his birthday. In the middle of a stirring address by Mr. Warmonger, the general, comes to life and does as he has always done: set man against man. When he resumes his granite self, he leaves behind him a chastened and thoughtful group. Scene 6 • We'd Rather Be Right - (Sketch by David Gregory. Music by Harold Rome. Lyrics by Arthur Kramer.) • First 100% American: Second 100% American: Third 100% American: Boy: • When I Grown Up (The G Man Song) (added for New Pins and Needles tour) - Solo • Sitting on Your Status Quo - Solo and Ensemble • Oh, Give Me the Good Old Days (added by March 1940) Solo • International Situation (Sketch by Joseph Schrank.) • Pity the Poor Millionaire - (Music and Lyrics by Harold J. Rome.) • Stay Out, Sammy (added by March 1940) • Mother: Sammy: • Poker Players (Sketch by Joseph Schrank) (New Pins and Needles tour) • Adolf. Phui: Joe: Benny: French General: • Let 'Em Eat Guns (Sketch by Joseph Schrank.) (added for New Pins and Needles tour) • A Lecturer: The Exhibit: • History Eight to the Bar (added for New Pins and Needles tour) (Music and Lyrics by Harold J. Rome.) • Professor: D. Harrison. Students: Sherman Edwards, A. Charmat, E. Bregman, T. Fazio, L. Morrison, Sylvia Cahn, A. Levy, E. Gerber, W. Castellano, J. Nicita.