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• Alone on the Lone Prairie (added for New Pins and Needles tour) (Music and Lyrics by Harold J. Rome.) • The Pluto Boys (added for New Pins and Needles tour) (Music and Lyrics by Harold J. Rome.) • Girl: Imp: First Demon: Second Demon: Third Demon: • 1+1=1 (added to NY run briefly, New Pins and Needles tour) (Sketch by Joseph Schrank.) • Announcer: Judge: Professor: Boy: . Girl: Expert: Man on Street: Vendor: Mother: Daughter: Citizen: Miss Dewberry: Shady Fellow: Passerby: Scene 7 • The Little Red Schoolhouse (by Emanuel Eisenberg) • Schmaltz: Bernadette: Mildred: Lena: Boss: . Union Man: Scene 8 • Sunday in the Park • Papa: Mama: Boy: Girl: Cop: Balloon Man: Vendor: Couple: Man With Carriage: Lonesome Guy: Park Attendant: Radical: Man on Bench: Passersby: Scene 9 • Dear Beatrice Fairfax (Nobody Makes a Pass at Me) Solo Scene 10 • Economics 1 (Sketch by Charles Friedman. Music and Lyrics by Harold Rome.) • The Stray: Doorman: Stage Manager: Banker: Manufacturer: Wholesaler: Retailer: Consumer: Scene 11 • Men Awake • Entire Company, Dance Group • (Prelude Suggested by a Poem of Langston Hughes. Conceived and Staged by Benjamin Zemach.) • Singers: ACT 2 Scene 1 • It's Not Cricket to Picket Solo, Company Scene 2 • Vassar Girl Finds Job (Chain Store Daisy) Solo Scene 3 • F. T. P. (Federal Theatre Project) Plowed Under (by Marc Blitzstein) Mr. Bureaucrats: Mrs. Clubhouse: Mr. Zealous:. Mr. Stallalong: Mr. Hippity Bloomberg: Guards: Scene 4 • What Good Is Love? Solo