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PINS AND NEEDLES A Musical Revue in Two Acts, 19 Scenes. Sketches by Arthur Arent, Marc Blitzstein, Emanuel Eisenberg, Charles Friedman, Harold J. Rome and David Gregory. Music and lyrics mostly by Harold J. Rome. First produced in New York 11 June 1936 at the Labor Stage Studios. Opened 27 November 1937 at the Labor Stage Theatre; Second edition (Pins and Needles 1939) opened 20 April 1939, moved 26 June 1939 to the Windsor Theatre; renamed Pins and Needles 1939 in August 1939, renamed Pins and Needles 1940 in September 1939; Third edition (New Pins and Needles) opened 25 November 1939, and closed 22 June 1940 after a total of 1108 performances. New material was frequently introduced during the run of the show; the following list, though by no means complete, is representative of the changes: Act I Scene 1 • First Impression - Entire Company (Music by Harold Rome. Lyrics by Harold Rome and Charles Friedman.) • Lesson in Etiquette (Added by September 1938) - The Expert: Pickets: • One Third of a Mitten (by Emanuel Eisenberg and Jay Williams)(Added by September 1938) • The Great White Way Turns Pink (Added by September 1938) (Music by Lee Wainer. Lyrics by John Latouche.) • Lorelei on the Rocks (Added December 1938) (Music by Berenice Kazounoff. Lyrics by John Latouche.) • Die Lorelei: A Storm Trooper: • Papa Lewis, Mama Green (added 30 January 1939) (Pantomime and Dance) • Mama: Papa: Children (2): • Back to Work (added by February 1939) • Joe: Strikers: Entire Company. • Britannia Rules the Waves (added April 1939) (Music by Berenice Kazounoff. Sketch and Lyrics by Arnold B. Horwitt and John Latouche.) • The Prime Minister: The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: The Secretary of State for War: The First Lord of the Admiralty: The German Envoy: The Japanese Envoy: Miss Beamish: • The Red Mikado (added late April 1939) (Book and Lyrics by Joseph Schrank and Harold J. Rome, with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan. Vocal Direction by Simon Rady.) • Lord High Executioner: Flunky: Three Little Maids: Wandering Minstrel: Gilbert: Sullivan: I.L.G.W U. Titi-Pu Chorus: • I've Got the Nerve to Be in Love (added April 1939) (Pantomime and Dance Staged by Felicia Sorel. Music Arranged by Baldwin Bergersen.) • Girl: Boy: • Cream of Mush (added April 1939) (Sketch by Joseph Schrank. Music and Lyrics by Harold J. Rome.) • Lem Godfrey: Dan Scotti: Pete: Mr. Price: Mr. Perkins: J. Drexel Weller: Mr. Black: • Mene Mene Tekel (added August 1939) Dorothy Harrison • The Harmony Boys (added June 1939) - (Sketch by Joseph Schrank. Music and Lyrics by Harold J. Rome.) • Coggie: Bob: Fritzie: • Paradise Mislaid (Sketch by Joseph Schrank.) (added by September 1939) Jake: Papa: Minnie: The janitor: