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forgiven. With a wave of her hand, Pinocchio is not wood anymore. He's a real boy! Pinocchio runs to his father. Geppetto's prayers have been answered. At last, he has a real son of his own! PRINCIPALS: - 10-11 Male, 2-3 Female. • ANTONIO - A carpenter; age 35 or older. He narrates the story so he must have warmth and a good sense of pace. - Baritone • BALLOON SELLER - An Italian street vendor; any a - • ORGAN GRINDER - An Italian street singer; any age. He has a barrel organ and a monkey. - Tenor • CANDLEWICK - A teen-age street urchin. He plays at being a "tough guy" who enjoys getting in trouble. He should be a good dancer. - Baritone • GINO - A teen-age street urchin; younger than Candlewick, whom he follows and tries to keep up with. He should be a good dancer. - Tenor or Baritone • ANGELINA - A housekeeper and cook for Geppetto. She is 40ish, good natured, and always concerned for Geppetto's well-fare. She should be played for comedy but not as a caricature. She should be able to play a trumpet or bugle. - Mezzo-Soprano • GEPPETTO - A puppet maker. He is elderly, has white hair and moustache, and wears small, wire-framed glasses. He is kind and generous; has a twinkle in the eye, and becomes the protective parent to his boypuppet, Pinocchio. - Baritone • PINOCCHIO - A puppet; first appearing on strings. The actor must be able to create the effect of oving like a puppet, and be able to dance well. After he is brought to life he is boyish, energetic, and easily led and influenced. It is not neccessary to play him as a "wooden" character; make-up, false nose, etc. should carry his doll-like quality. - Tenor • THE BLUE FAIRY - A beautiful lady with an ethereal and enchanted quality. She also has a touch of the mother image. She should always move gracefully. She first appears in the disguise of an old woman. - Soprano • THE COACHMAN - An evil coachman who lures children to the Land of the Toys. He is bearded, dynamic, whip-cracking villain; and must be able to move well and twirl a huge cape. - Bass-Baritone • SIGNORE VOLPONE, THE FOX - He is a fox-like character who passes himself off as a singing teacher. He is comedic, crafty, fast-talking and glib. One who takes advantage of all situations. - Baritone • SIGNORE GATTO, THE CAT - He is a cat-like character who is both companion and conspirator with Volpone. He is eager, silly and a bit dumb, but always lovable. - Tenor • CHORUS - Townspeople and the Land of the Toys People (clowns, ballerinas, toy soldiers, dancing animals, etc.) MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Buon Giorno 2. Come Give A Little Tap 3. A Real Little Boy 4. You Can Talk, You Can Walk 5. That's A Show 6. Pinocchio 7. Santa Lucia 8. I Don't Wanna Go To School 9. The Coach Is Comin' 10. The Land OThe Toys 11. Geppetto's Lament 12. Growl!Meow! 13. Everything I Do Goes Wrong