Shows L

The Navy - Martyn Green The Girl - Phyllis Stanley The Page - John Wilson Duet--” C’est la Guerre” - Clifford Mollison and Martyn Green 16. Drift Sung and danced by Phyllis Stanley Other Dancers - Robert Lindon and Phyllis Pearce The Boys - George Bowler, John Davaut, Patrick Dennis, Tom Gillis, Eddie Lattmer, Grant McIntyre, Nugent Marshall, Murray Matheson The Girls - Eileen Carroll, Mary Ellen, Valerie Frazer, Olivia Ford, Kitty Glen, Olive Hammerton, Felicity Lawford, Doris Mann, Yvonne Robinson, Helena Taylor, Ruth Warner, Ginger Teague Pages - Doreen Percheron, Betty Percheron 17. Electricity in the Home Dad - Clifford Mollison Evelyn Laye Laura - Doris Hare Ivy - Betty Hare The Special -Patrick Dennis The Announcer - Murray Matheson Professor Catchpole = Gerald Nodin 18. Marihuana - (Music by Elsie April) The Smoker - Robert Lindon The Seller - Murray Matheson The Policeman - Eddie Lattmer 19. Song - I Didn’t Really Never Oughter ‘ave Went - Doris Hare Mrs Weazle - Betty Shale 20. The Art of Legerdemain The Great Carlo - Clifford Mollison’ His Assistant - Evelyn Laye 21. Finale - Martyn Green - and Full Company