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Cinderella - Sabina Gordon The Fairy Queen - Phyllis Stanley Prince Charming - Evelyn Laye Dandini - Doris Hare The Baron - Gerald Nodin Buttons - James Hayter Ugly Sisters - Martyn Green / Clifford Mollison Number - Let the People Sing - Evelyn Laye - FINALE - ACT I - The Full Company - ACT II 10. A Day in the Life of a “Mr Cochran Young Lady Mr Cochran’s Young Ladies The Dance Producer - Robert Lindon A Proncipal Dancer - Phyllis Pearce and dancers - 11. The Four Stages of Marriage Scene: A Private Sitting Room, the Beach Hotel The Husband - Clifford Mollison The Wife - Evelyn Laye The Waiter - Gerald Nodin The Sign Bearer - Olivia Ford 12. A Fragonard Picture - Before the Curtain - Yvonne Robinson The Gentleman - Patrick Dennis The Lady - Phyllis Stanley Her Maid - Olivia Ford 13. Sauce for the Goose He - Martyn Green She - Doris Hare Waitress - Betty Hare 14. An Old Dance HalL Music of Galop and Polka by Elsie April. Choreography by Anthony Tudor The Manager - Gerald Nodin The Patron - James Hayter Ladies of the Town • Crinolines - Olivia Ford, Kitty Glen, Felicity Lawford, Sabina Gordon, Betty Percheron, Yvonne Robinson. • Bustles - Eileen Carroll, Valerie Frazer, Olive Hammerton, Doris Mann, Doreen Percheron, Mary Relph, Whitee Neeson, Helena Taylor, Ginger Teague. • Noblemen - Tom Gillis, John Davaut, Eddie Lattmer, Grant McIntyre. Waiters - - George Bowler, Ernest Dubois, Nugent Marshall, Murray Matheson Cora Pearl - Evelyn Laye Number- “Only a Glass of Champagne” (Lyric by Arthur Wimperis) - Evelyn Laye 15. Tinker Tailor— Soldier Sailor Scene—A Restaurant The Army - Clifford Mollison