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LIGHTS UP! a Revue devised by Ronald Jeans; Music by Noel Gay; Lyrics by Ian Grant and Frank Eyton Savoy Theatre, London - 9 February, 1940 Cast included: Martyn Green, Doris Hare, James Hayter, Evelyn Laye, Clifford Millison, Phyllis Stanley THE PROGRAMME: PART I. 1. Opening “In The Black-Out” Voices1st Male - Patrick Dennis 2nd Male - Murray Matheson 3rd Male - Nugent Marshall Girl - Betty Hare Policeman - Eddie Lattmer 1st Shop Girl - Helene Cooney 2nd Shop Girl - Doris Hare Married Lady - Betty Shale 4th Male - James Hayter Dog Owner - Gerald Nodin Number—”After Dark “ Phyllis Stanley Number--”Needs Must When the Devil Drives “ - Clifford Mollison The Young Men :—Tony Claret. John Davaut, Patrick Dennis, Ernest Dubois, Tom Gillis, Eddie Lattmer, Grant McIntyre, Murray Matheson, John Turner. 2. “The Turning Worm “ The Wife - Doris Hare The Husband - James Hayter The Secretary - Phyllis Stanley 3. Duet—” It’s Just Not Me” (Lyric by Reginald Arkell and Frank Eiton) Evelyn Laye and Martyn Green 4. “Putting the War Over” Mother - - Betty Shale Daughter - Betty Percheron The American Announcer - Clifford Mollison The German Announcer - James Hayter The English Announcer - Martyn Green 5. “ On and Off” Scene I—Back Stage. - Scene 2—On the Stage. - Scene 3—Back Stage. The Stage Manager - Eddie Lattmer Roddy - Patrick Dennis Jenny Amber - Evelyn Laye Jenny’s Dresser - Kate Flanagan