Shows L

Jenny’s Stage Father - Gerald Nodin The Nursemaid - Phyllis Pearce The Guardsman - Robert Lindon Darby and Joan - James Hayter, Betty Hare Four Little Girls - Eunice Gibson, Sabina Gordon, Doreen Percheron, Mary Relph, and Tony Claret, John Davaut., Ernest Dubois, Tom Gillis, Eddie Lattmer, Grant McIntyre, Murray Matheson, John Turner and Mr. Cochran’s Young Ladies 6. The Art of the Boost - Compere - Clifford Mollison The Maid - Betty Percheron The Butler - Gerald Nodin Sir James - James Hayter The Charwoman - Doris Hare Dahlia - Evelyn Laye Big Bill Prothero - Martyn Green Mrs Big Bill Prothero - Phyllis Stanley 7. Battle Dress - Ruth Warner - 8. Song - I’m a British Institution - Martyn Green - 9. British Institutions Commere - Phyllis Stanley 9a Stationary Motoring The Father - Clifford Mollison The Mother - Betty Shale Emmy - Doris Hare Alfy - James Hayter 9b - Commere - Felicity Lawford Song “I Say, Isn’t She Lovely?” - Phyllis Stanley Tennis Girls - Golfers - Skaters - Master of Arms Fencers - Cricketers 9c - Commere - Doris Hare War Time Dinner Party Lord Honiton - Clifford Mollison Muriel - Betty Percheron Bertie - James Hayter Lady Branble - Betty Shale Sir John Bramble - Martyn Green Lady Honiton - Doris Hare Sybil - Betty Hare Footman - Patrick Dennis 9d - The Fairy Queen - Phyllis Stanley The Christmas Pantomime