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When Emmett tries to coax Elle into sharing this secret with the rest of the team, Elle stands her ground and refuses to jeopardize Brooke's trust. Elle can now see that Emmett is concerned about how Callahan will react and is determined to take his mind off things. She drags him to the department store. At the department store, Elle convinces Emmett that it's time for a wardrobe change if he really wants to impress Callahan. While Emmett tries to understand why he is so drawn to Elle, the two begin their shopping spree. The next day, Elle is enjoying a manicure at the Hair Affair when Kyle, the new UPS delivery guy, enters. Paulette is floored by Kyle's good looks but is convinced that she has nothing left to offer a man like that. Soon after, however, she discovers that she has the most perfect "Bend and Snap." The Greek Chorus appears, and encourages her to hone her skills and use this killer move on Kyle. When Kyle comes back to retrieve his stylus, Paulette executes the bend but miscalculates the snap…and breaks Kyle's nose. At trial, we meet an exotic pool boy, Nikos, who claims he is a witness to the crime. Nikos testifies that he and Brooke were lovers and that she is, in fact, responsible for the murder. Elle is not convinced and consults with her fellow lawyers who must determine if Nikos is actually gay or, instead, just European. Emmett approaches the stand and attempts to break Nikos down. His strategy works and it is revealed that the young man is gay! That evening Callahan is hosting a celebration for his defence team and the group toasts to a successful day. Callahan asks Elle to stay late, so that they can discuss. As Warner and Vivienne secretly watch on, Callahan forces himself upon Elle and kisses her. When she rejects his advances, Callahan lets her go. A stunned Elle retreats to her room and tells Emmett that she will be heading back to California; a confused and concerned Emmett begs her to. At the Hair Affair, Kyle has recovered from his trip to the hospital and is returning to thank Paulette for her help. Elle arrives and stuns Paulette by telling her she is heading back to California. As she reveals why, Vivienne appears. Vivienne now sees the strong, smart woman within Elle – it's her time to shine. Elle, who has found a new determination and drive, marches towards the courthouse followed by a parade of supporters, friends, and family, including Kyle and Paulette who have come to find an Irish fondness for each other. Back at the trial, Elle storms in. Brooke is thrilled to see her Delta Nu sister and fires Callahan. Now, with Emmett's help, Elle goes forward with defending her new client. With an extensive knowledge of hair, Elle challenges the alibi of the victim's daughter who insists she was out getting a perm. Elle demands they travel to the scene of the crime – the judge allows it. At the Wyndham mansion, Elle sets out to disprove the alibi and Chutney finally breaks down. She proclaims that she didn't mean to shoot her father – she thought it was Brooke coming through the door. The crowd cheers and Elle is elated. Elle has solved the case and set Brooke Wyndham free! Warner, who has been dumped by Vivienne, pleads to Elle to take him back. Elle sits down and explains to Warner that she is now a new girl and she realizes she is more than just a hair colour. We transition to graduation day where we find Elle and the other classmates celebrating – Paulette and Kyle are married and have two kids, Enid practices family law, Vivienne is training for the peace corps, Warner is modelling, and Elle has finally found her true love: Emmett Forrest. CAST • Elle Woods • Emmett Forrest • Paulette Buonufonte • Professor Callahan • Warner Huntington III • Vivienne Kensington • Brooke Wyndham • Enid Hoopes • Kyle • Serena • Margot • Pilar