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intelligence. When Elle arrives, her classmates are not thrilled and disapprove of her perky behaviour. At Criminal Law 101, with Professor Callahan, Elle spots Warner and surprises him. Before they can catch up, Professor Callahan begins class by insisting that law school is a waste unless you are willing to become a ruthless shark with a taste for blood in the water. When Elle finds herself unprepared, Callahan removes her from class and insists she return when she is ready to learn. Stunned, Elle leaves the classroom and is chased down by Emmet who tries his best to console her. Now in the hallway, Elle and Vivienne Kensington, Warner's new girlfriend, come face to face. Vivienne has no trouble making her feelings known and proceeds to mark her territory with Warner. Elle, frustrated and inconsolable, is visited by a Greek Chorus, the girls of Delta Nu, who will help Elle win Warner back and encourage her to just stay positive. Elle is convinced that her blonde hair is the source of her problems and has retreated to the Hair Affair salon, where she plans to go brunette. We meet Paulette, a hairdresser, who sees a bright future for Elle and insists that all she needs is some relaxing Irish music. Paulette laments about her own dreams to, one day, fall in love in Ireland. Elle overhears Vivienne and her friend enter the salon, as they chat about an upcoming party. A curious Elle chimes in and Vivienne invites her along, telling her it's a costume party. Elle thanks Paulette for the encouragement and heads off to fight for her man. When Elle arrives to the party, as a Playboy bunny, she comes to realize the joke is on her – no one else is wearing a costume. Elle, although humiliated, refuses to be defeated and reminisces with Warner about their past relationship. Vivienne interrupts their conversation with insults and jabs. Elle has no choice but to leave the party. On her way home, Elle runs into Emmett on a bench who proceeds to tell her about his own personal challenges and how that helped him get to where he is. Emmett encourages Elle to use that chip on her shoulder as motivation – to become a serious student and prove Warner, Vivienne, and Callahan wrong. With guidance from Emmett, Elle realizes that it is time to focus on changing her priorities and sets out to do her best. After weeks and weeks of studying, Elle wins a case against Warner in debate class. Professor Callahan is pleasantly surprised and asks her to submit a resume for his prestigious internship. We now find Elle and Paulette, with Emmett at their side, at a dumpy trailer. They have arrived to confront Paulette's ex-boyfriend, Dewey, and retrieve her beloved dog. Elle, using her newly found legal knowledge, prevails and Paulette gets her Rufus back. It is then announced that Callahan will be representing exercise queen, Brooke Wyndham, in a big murder trial and needs immediate help; Emmett will be serving as cocounsel and four students, from the class, will be selected as interns. When the list is posted, we see Warner and Vivienne embrace as Elle watches – they have made the cut as two of Callahan's interns. Warner goes to one knee and proposes. Vivienne accepts. Elle is now heartbroken and ready to claim defeat. Just then, Emmett approaches Elle with the list…she has made it! Feeling elated and victorious, Elle realizes that this moment is so much better than any moment she had ever shared with Warner. Elle is finally moving on. ACT TWO We open to a law firm's conference room. Callahan, Emmett, and the four interns are examining a workout video made by their defendant, Brooke Wyndham, as Callahan explains the case and prepares his counsel for a jailhouse visit. At the jail, it is revealed that Brooke is refusing to provide an alibi and will not accept a plea bargain despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against her. Brooke, however, insists she is innocent. Upon her counsel's departure, Elle seizes the opportunity to bond with Brooke who happens to be a Delta Nu sister. With a trust formed between the ladies, Brooke comes clean with her alibi – she was having liposuction on the day of her husband's murder. Elle is sworn to secrecy and promises not to share this news with anyone.