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LATIN QUARTER 1950 The "Second" in the series of Latin Quarter Revues. Revue devised by ROBERT NESBITT. Music arranged by DEBROY SUMMERS London Casino, 20th March, 1950 The Cast included: Vic Oliver, Sylvie St. Clair, Fortunia, Les Compagnon de la Chanson, Les Casavecchi, Lela Moore, Les Curibas, Malcia "Dynamite Jefferson" Walton and O'Rourke, and the Clark Brothers. C’EST LA VIE a. Prologue - Five Men About Town b. Paris in Spring - The Dancers with Tony Hully Bobby Trantor and Joyce Davies c. Wine, Women and Song - Fortuna and the Models ICI ON PARLE FRANÇAIS Vic Oliver and Sylvie St. Clair FLASHBACK TO 1920 The Commere - Pauline Johnson ‘The Flickers’ - Les Casavecchia The Charleston Dancers - Collegiate Octette DO NOT DISTURB Commere - Zena Barrie The Visitor - Vic Oliver Reception Clerk - Jeffrey Piddock Page Boy - George Bowler Waitress - Barbara Bentham Newsgirl - Dorothy Caston Stenographer - Josephine Bell Masseuse - Margot Lister The Manager - Pauline Johnson PARIS AFTER DARK - a Conducted Tour a. The Rendezvous: The Guide - Jeffrey Piddock; The Tourists - The Ensemble; The Gamine - Sylvie St. Clair b. A Bench in the Park The Lovers - Lela Moore c. Rue de Lappe The Apaches - Les Curibas d. Chez Harmonie Les Campagnon de la Chanson CHAMPAGNE - EXTRA DRY The Dancers - Deaks and Nick Dana, Pauline Johnson and the Ensemble