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UNE NUIT TROPICALE The Dancers - Nick Dana, Ken Astell, Denise Merrum and Ensemble The Singer - Lena Powell Her Husband - Vic Oliver FROM THE FRENCH The Wife - Pauline Johnson The Maid - Josephine Bell The Lover - Jeffrey Piddock Her Husband - Vic Oliver SYLVIE SINGS Sylvie St. Clair The Quartette - Tony Hulley, Nick Dana, Bobbie Tranter & Ken Astell Tableau “Wings” - The Models STRING TIME with Walton & O’Rourke MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC Vic Oliver presents “A Tchaikovsky Fantasia” The Ballerina - Daphne Kiernander AU CLUB EBONY - The Clark Brothers BRAZILIANCE Fortunia, The Copacabana Drummers and the Entire Latin Quarter Company