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THE KID A Musical in 2 acts. Book by Michael Zam, lyrics by Jack Lechner, music by Andy Monroe; Based on the book The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant by Dan Savage Acorn Theatre on Theatre Row, Off-Broadway; April 16—May 29, 2010 (Opened May 10); 21 previews, 45 performances. STORY Act I Dan is a gay sex advice columnist and his partner is Terry. The two initially become involved in a relationship with each other after bonding over a discussion of Gore Vidal. In a later scene, Dan attempts to convince Terry to leave a bathroom in a hotel where he locked himself inside after the two have an argument. The couple meet with other individuals who wish to become parents and adopt children. Dan composes a satirical letter to potential birth mothers listing entries which should obviously not be included. Dan and Terry meet with an adoption counsellor, named Anne, to go over their worries about becoming parents. The adoption counselor tells them, "Man or woman, gay or straight, what you’re facing is a long, long wait." The couple decide upon an open adoption process, where they will be able to meet the baby's birth mother. Melissa, a teenager who is pregnant and homeless, selects them as the couple to care for her child. She describes her life to Dan and Terry Act II Dan's mother informs him she knew he was gay as a child but did not meddle in his process of becoming a gay adult. She reassures him during a period of nervousness, telling Dan, "If you think this is scary, wait. Do you know how terrified I was when you first had measles?" Bacchus, the biological father of Melissa's child, appears and becomes involved in the decision regarding the outcome for the baby. Dan and Terry worry over whether Melissa will change her mind during the adoption process. After the child is born, the couple share the experience of holding their new baby together , and all ends happily. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I I’m Asking You – Company The Kid – Dan, Dan’s Mother Terry... – Dan, Terry They Hate Us – Company The Kid (Reprise) – Ruth, Dan, Terry Nice – Anne, Dan, Terry Gore Vidal – Terry, Dan If You Give Us Your Baby – Dan, Terry, Susan Seize the Day – Company Her Name is Melissa – Dan, Terry, Anne Spare Changin’ – Melissa What Do You Say? – Company Act II We’re Asking You – Ensemble It’s Not Your Baby – Anne, Dan, Terry When They Put Him In Your Arms – Dan, Terry It Gets Better – Company Behind the Wheel – Bacchus I Knew – Dan’s Mother Beautiful – Terry, Dan 42 Hours – Dan, Terry, Melissa What About Him? My Kid – Dan