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ACT II Still determined that Naii marry Kwamina, Obitsebi brings her to the compound for her pre-nuptial ceremony. Excited about the forthcoming wedding, the women of the village are discussing marriage with Naii at the clinic. After they leave, Ako enters, and he and Naii escape. But, Obitsebi sees them and is immediately off in pursuit. Left alone with Kwamina, Eve tells him that she must leave because she does not want to spend her life loving in secret. When Naii and Ako are apprehended, Obitsebi, in spite of Kwamina's protests, decrees that they must die. Suddenly, Nana Mwalla has a seizure and falls dead. Although, according to tribal custom, three tribesmen must be put to death when the chief dies, Kwamina takes his people to the House of Ancestors to hide them from Obitsebi. The men of the tribe, however, perform a frenzied fetish dance to bring about the deaths. Kwamina scoffs at these antics, but the witch doctor informs him that Ako, and Naii, and also Akufo are dead. And, to his horror, Kwamina discovers that it is true. On Independence Day, Eve comforts the unhappy Kwamina by insisting that this is not the end but the beginning. The natives also pledge their help in building a new country, and on this optimistic note the curtain falls. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. The Cocoa Bean Song - Ako, soloists & Company 2. Welcome Home - Soloists & Company, Spear Dancers 3. The Sun Is Beginning to Crow - Company 4. Did You Hear That? - Eve, Kwamina 5. You're As English As - Eve 6. Seven Sheep, Four Red Shirts and a Bottle of Gin - Akufo, Soloists & Company 7. Nothing More to Look Forward To - Ako, Naii 8. What's Wrong Wlth Me? - Eve 9. Something Big - Kwamina, Company 10. Ordinary People - Eve, Kwamina 11. Mammy Traders (dance) - Dance Company. 12. A Man Can Have No Choice - Obitsebi 13. What Happened to Me Tonight? - Eve 14. Naii's Nuptial Dance - Naii, Dancer, Company 15. One Wife - Mammy Trader, Alla, Solo Singers & Dancers 16. Nothing More To Look Forward To (reprise) - Naii 17. Something Big (reprise) - Company 18. Another Time, Another Place - Eve 19. Fetish (dance) - Obitsebi & Priests CAST - (in order of appearance): • Obitsebi • Blair • Akoi • Eve • Naii • Akufo • Kwamina (Peter) • Kojo • Children • Nana Mwalla • Alla • Mammy Trader Policemen; Drummers; Singers; Dancers SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in a village in West Africa at the present time. DISCOGRAPHY Kwamina (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)