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samplers and synthesiser-type boxes that produce the sounds. Samplers produce digital recordings of natural (or unnatural) sounds so that in addition to any number of musical instruments they can also play sound effects which can be incorporated into the music score. For example, the samples in Kes! turned out to include a mill (which plays the bass of the milkman's song) and the cartoon sound effects used when Billy reads a "Desperate Dan" story. Joining a standard fretless bass the instruments decided upon to play the samplers and synthesisers were two keyboards, a wind controller (a MIDI saxophone) and a percussion setup (MIDI drum kit and MIDI vibraphone). Now. happy with the instrumentation and a provisional list of characters, with a structure in place and decisions about style taken, we took a deep breath and started to write. Terry Davies - Composer MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT I 1. The Cinema - Billy 2. Always Fleeing - Company 3. Mum's Lament - Mum 4. New Every Morning Is the Love (Can't Wait To Get Out) - School 5. You and Me - Mr Gryce 6. Fact and Fiction - Anderson and English Class 7. A Lifetime Of Saturday Nights - Company 8. Escape With Kes - Billy and Kes ACT II 9. Team Spirit - Sugden and Boys 10. Can't Wait To Get Out (Reprise) - School 11. Kes - Billy and Kes 12. My Dad, He'd Say - Billy and Mr Farthing 13. A Lifetime Of Saturday Nights (Reprise) - Betting Shop Punters 14. You and Me (Reprise) - Mr Gryce 15. Surviving the Day - The Teachers 16. No-one Can Catch Billy Now - Company CAST: • Youth Employment Officer • Jud, Billy's half brother • Librarian • Mr Gryce, Headmaster • Billy's Mother • Kes • Mr Sugden, Games Teacher • Anderson • Billy Casper • Mr Farthing, English Teacher • MacDowall plus chorus of school children