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• Cooking Stove: The Parsee Man's most beloved possession. • Rhino: A lazy, messy, creature with tight skin • Ingredients: The Parsee Man's ingredients, very fun characters • Giraffe: Zebra's friend, more open minded than Zebra • Zebra: A diva, Giraffe's best friend • Wildebeests: Rather uninteresting, they are the Giraffe and Zebra's friends, but the Giraffe and Zebra aren't theirs. • Jaguar: The smarter member of the Leopard/Jaguar duo • Leopard: The idiot member of the Leopard/Jaguar duo • Kangaroo: A humble creature, with huge legs. Used to be vain • Dingo Dog: The wild dog sent to chase Kangaroo • Wallabies: The supporters, cheerleaders, and fangirls of both Kangaroo and Dingo Dog. • Crocodile: the Crocodile lives in the Limpopo and is a very shady character. • Pau Amma the Crab: A giant crab, who plays with the sea, the shows antagonist. CHARACTER BREAKDOWN • COOKING STOVE The Parsee Man's most beloved possession that is feeling neglected due to its lack of use - .Male, Any Age (Range: A#2 - F4) • CROCODILE A sinister, hungry, shady crocodile who is hungry for his next meal. - Male, 25-45 yrs old - (Range: Gb2 - G4) • ELDEST MAGICIAN (STORYTELLER) An active character and the show's narrator, he tells the story to the audience and interacts with the characters on their journeys, acting as a God-like figure. - Male, 40-60 yrs old - ( Range: Bb2 - Ab4) • ELEPHANT'S CHILD Our story's unsuspecting protagonist and hero. A kind-hearted and curious elephant who can be a little reckless. - Male, 14-18 yrs old - ( Range: C3 - G#4) • ENSEMBLE ADULT ELEPHANTS; INGREDIENTS; WALLABIES; WILDEBEESTS • GIRAFFE Zebra's open-minded friend. - Female, 25-45 yrs old - ( Range: G3 - D5) • JAGUAR The smarter member of the villainous Leopard & Jaguar Duo. - Male, 30-40 yrs old - ( Range: C3 - A4) • KOLOKOLO BIRD Elephant Child's reluctant and cynical guide. A gawky, sparky, flightless bird. - Female, 25-45 yrs old - ( Range: F#3 - E5) • LEOPARD The dim-witted member of the villainous Leopard & Jaguar Duo. - Male, 30-40 yrs old - ( Range: D3 - G4) • PARSEE An Indian man specializing in French cooking. Lives on an island with only a cooking stove for company. - Male, 35-55 yrs old - ( Range: B2 - Ab4) • PAU AMMA The inconsiderate, self-absorbed King of Crabs who creates mayhem with the sea. The show's antagonist. - Male, 40-50 yrs old ( Speaking Role) • RHINO A lazy, messy creature with tight, thick skin. - Male, 30-45 yrs old - ( Range: C3 - F#4)