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continuing to blow and can even - in front of witnesses - kiss of Harold. Surprised her father she says just that kiss kiss regarded as an engagement. Billionaire Brock Willer pleased and of course an immediate marriage. His friend happened to be present and Sheriff Huckland agrees and takes virtue of his office according to the law this ceremony. To the subsequent wedding Juliane appears as Countess of Reckenburg and exposes the fraud. Selma is now experiencing her no small shock that she is legally married to a man. Angrily, she leaves her wedding party and flees to her friend Phoebe, who was also privy to this prank. Third Act - Brock Willers cabin in the mountains (three months later) The Confederation LVM has dissolved. Edith has gotten married Browillers outcast nephew of Brock Willer and get paid $ 100,000 dowry. Arthur married his Juliane and Philly's Phoebe. During this time, Selma had retired to his father's cabin in the mountains. All couples have however agreed to spend their honeymoon together in this cabin. The whole day is now surrounded by Selma turtelnden people and it is envious of their happiness. More and more she wants back her husband Harold. Finally, this also comes into the cabin and wants to speak with Selma. He does not insist on the continuation of their marriage and has drafted a divorce agreement. These tears Selma and after a declaration of love Harolds she falls into the arms of him laughing. Principals: 5 Female, 4 Male, SATB Chorus. Sets: 2 Orchestra: 2222/423/Perc/Hp/Strings Language Version: G DISCOGRAPHY Franz Lehár: Die Juxheirat [Gerhard Ernst; Maya Boog; Jevgenij Taruntsov; Alexander Kaimbacher; Sieglinde Feldhofer; Marius Burkert ] [Cpo: 555049-2]