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Parsee Man begs Rhino "Please Don't Touch My Stove." Rhino, Parsee, and Cookstove all agree to be friends. They walk off arm in arm leaving the crab shell abandoned onstage. Elephant's Child sees water in the distance and exclaims they must be at the Limpopo River. As Elephant’s Child gets closer and closer to the water he hears a whisper enticing him to come closer. The head of a Crocodile lurches out of the water and invites "Little One Come Hither." He offers to give Elephant's Child directions if Elephant's Child will give him a meal. When Elephant's Child gets closer the Crocodile grabs the terrified pachyderm’s nose and tries to eat him. Kolokolo Bird appears on a branch and, though scared, flies/falls to the ground to save Elephant's Child. A struggle ensues. Eventually Elephant’s Child pulls free and Crocodile slinks back into the water. Elephant's Child is very embarrassed to see that his nose has been pulled into a trunk. Kolokolo Bird encourages him to look on the bright side of having such a long nose and Elephant's Child apologizes for being so rude. Although both are weary and wonder "Does the Moment Ever Come" for them to achieve their goal, Kolokolo convinces Elephant’s Child to stay the course and continue the quest. Elephant's Child suddenly notices the abandoned crab shell. When Kolokolo mentions it is an old crab shell that has been shed, Elephant's Child realizes how they can defeat the Crab. Eldest Magician appears and narrates while Elephant’s Child and Kolokolo Bird put their plan into action. ("If ") Elephant's Child finds Pau Amma and challenges the Crab to face him. As the Crab emerges from the water the Elephant's Child signals to Eldest Magician who, with the smallest movement, casts a magic on the Crab which makes him finally shrink. When Eldest Magician asks the other animals what to do with the rambunctious but now tiny Crab, Elephant's Child prompts him to let the crab go to play in the sea. Eldest Magician has put a magic on the crab so that he can not harm the rest of the animals anymore. All of the animals and Eldest Magician celebrate their victories and their uniqueness with a grand "Finale." MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Just So 2. Another Tempest 3. There's No Harm In Asking 4. Silly Questions 5. The Limpopo River 6. Living On This Island 7. Thick Skin 8. The Parsee Cake-Walk 9. The Chase 10. We Want To Take The Ladies Out 11. Pick Up Your Hooves 12. Jungle Light/Just So (reprise) 13. Act One Finale/ The Limpopo River (reprise) 14. Entr'acte 15. The Argument 16. Wait A Bit 17. Aboriginally I 18. Leaps and Bounds 19. Does The Moment Ever Come? 20. Please Don't Touch My Stove 21. Little One Come Hither 22. Just So/The Limpopo River (reprise) CHARACTERS Main Characters: • Elephant's Child: a generally kind-hearted, curious elephant who can often be a little reckless. • Kolokolo Bird: Elephant's Child's reluctant and cynical guide; a bird that is too afraid to fly. • Eldest Magician: Both a character and the Narrator, the Eldest Magician tells the story to the audience and interacts with the characters on their journeys, acting as a God-like figure. • Secondary Characters (In Order of Appearance): • Animals: • Elephants:Are not at all curious, and shun the Elephant's d for asking such 'silly questions' • King Elephant: The king of the herd • Queen Elephant: The queen of the herd • Parsee Man: An Indian man who is a French chef and lives on an island with only a cooking stove for company.