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10th Fancy - The Solution Colonel Drake - Fred Groves Captain West - Ralhp Lynn Mrs. Drake - Margaret Bannerman 11th Fancy - Song “Mabel” - Betty Chester and Chorus 12th Fancy - Song “I Know Where the Flies Go” - Dan O’Neill & Walter Williams 14th Fancy - The House of Death Stage Manager - George Manship Black Ned - Fred Groves An old Crone - Betty Chester Red Nick - Bob Cory Felicia - Margaret Bannerman Algernon - Ralhp Lynn Dresser - Ida Mowbray Property Man - Dan O’Neill 15th Fancy - Duet “A Patch On You” - Ivy Tresmond & Walter Williams 16th Fancy - “A Million Girls Too Many” - the Chorus assisted by Ralph Lynn 17th Fancy The Young Is-It-Hers Toothy Topsy - Ralph Lynn Brilliant Bertie - Fred Groves Tiny Timothy - Bob Cory Soulful Sidney - George Manship Little Leonard - Dan O’Neill Wee Winifred - Margaret Bannerman Brainy Beatrice - Betty Cheser Clver Clar - Ivy Tresmand The Manager - Walter Williams