Shows J

3rd Fancy - Methods of Barberism The Barber - Fred Groves Mr. L. - Ralph Lynn Mr. G. -Dan O’Neill Bolshevik - Bob Cory 4th Fancy - Song “Little Miss Brittany” - Ivy Tresmand and Chorus 5th Fancy - Patch and Powder Part I Harry - Walter Williams Sir Roger - Fred Groves Lady Betty - Margaret Bannerman A Hack - Rob Cory A Beau - Geroge Manship Ladies - Pamela Cooper, Cynthia Groves, Ida Mowbray, Phyllis Holiday Part II “Blob” - Ralph Lynn “Squibs” - Betty Cheste3r Betty - Ivy Tresmand 6th Fancy - Cherry Blossom Time - Mimosa San - Dore Flowden 7th Fancy - A “Bird” in Paradise Cast Paul Wilson (a young doctor) - Walter Williams Ted Thousand Dollar Dean (a Beachcomber) - Ralph Lynn Mr Sysnaby (a Missionary) - Dan O’Neill Diana Lareed (a young graduate) - Margaret Bannerman Half-Cast Ooo-Ah-Ya (Granddaughter of the old Chap) - Betty Chester Oh-shame-a (A Fisherman) - Ron Cory Baba-Baba (aa Priest of the ancient days) - Fred Groves Native Jazz Band Onolo - George Manship Cascara - Ivy Tresmand Aerora - Ida Mowbray Larola - Dorothy Clifford Zambok - Molly Vere “L’l Liza Jane” - by the entire Company ACT II 8th Fancy - Lotus Land a Princess - Dore Plowden A Dancer - Ivy Tresmand Nautch Girls - Dore Flowden, Phyllis Asche, Dorice O’Gorman, Muriel Golder 9th Fancy - Song “Three Little Words” - Margaret Bannerman