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JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS (Music by Jacques Brel: Based on Brel's Lyrics and Commentary: Production Conception, English Lyrics and Additional Material by Eric Blau and Mort Shuman) Village Gate Theatre - Off Broadway 22 January, 1966 (1847 perfs) Duchess Theatre, London 1968 (41 perfs) A kaleidoscope of musical experiences which covers all the human emotions and more. This revue of the art of Jacques Brel brings to the stage his life expressed through his words and music. Stimulating and heartfelt, more than a musical, a super musical. THE STORY The pointed, passionate and profound songs of Belgian songwriter Jacques Brel are brought to vivid theatrical life in this intense musical experience. Brel's legendary romance, humour and moral conviction are evoked simply and directly, with four actors, four musicians and four stools. The result is a powerful, intimate, bold and emotional evening of theatre. Brimming with flair, attitude and European sophistication, these rich compositions bring to mind the groundbreaking work of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, creating a universe all their own that consistently startles with its daring, candour and insight. The sheer musical poetry of each song supports many layers of interpretation, giving the show a new and unexpected meaning with every new cast and production team that takes it on. PRINCIPALS: 2 Male, 2 Female (may be expanded). INSTRUMENTATION: Piano (doubles celeste), Electric Guitar (doubles mandolin, acoustic guitar), Bass (doubles electric bass), Percussion. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Alone 2. Amsterdam 3. Bachelor's Dance 4. The Bulls 5. Carousel 6. The Desperate Ones 7. Fannette 8. Funeral Tango 9. Girls and Dogs 10. I Loved 11. If 12. If We Only Have Love 13. Jackie 14. Madeleine 15. Marathon 16. Marieke 17. Mathilde 18. The Middle Class 19. My Death 20. Next 21. The Old Folks 22. Sons Of 23. The Statue 24. Timid Frieda 25. You're Not Alone Libretto: ISBN: 0-8222-1905-0